Strange View Podcast

The show about our social cultures, behaviour, and how connected we are as humans

More About the Show

Strange View is an audio record of our voices around social cultures and how connected we are as humans.

What exactly are social cultures? You might ask.

They’re about you and I.

About the symbiosis of our individual behavior and societal cultures; the bits of our society that define our everyday life; the woven behaviors that establish broader societal cultures.

Through conversations with people like you and me, Strange View attempts to answer the question of how we can coexist as beings with different beliefs.

The show dives into views that aren’t ordinarily talked about, to help make sense of surrounding perspectives.

It is hosted by me, Etashe Linto, and as you listen, I hope you leave with a new perspective that burrows through your inner self and makes a difference in your daily living.