Etashe Linto

I started Strange Notes because I wanted an open space to ponder on existence. That’s still true. But here, too, is a body discovering itself. A house beyond borders that’s open to you, to selves in search of, to heads seeking rest. A room where thoughts turn to words turn to records and meet you.

I share notes on my questions about life; art that shifts something in me (and could in you too); conversations with friends and strangers, all as Strange Notes and, sometimes, through the Strange View Podcast.

In this place, there are no rules. Move the vase around the tabletop. Shift the curtains to the wall. Place your eyes on the bookshelves. Just be. And if you’d like to walk into the passage of my identity, you can start by reading Strange Notes, and then viewing my portfolio. Do sign up for letters of consolation before you leave.